Ep8 – Avoiding burnout and how success can ruin your life

Ep8 - Avoiding burnout and how success can ruin your life

In this episode, we discuss how burnout comes from working hard without knowing if you’re headed towards something you truly care about and how sometimes getting what you always wanted could be the worst thing that ever happened to you. We also dig into how not having a higher-level purpose can trip you up during the strategy-building process.

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Episode Notes:

  • When you don’t know in your core what the “why” is for your goal or destination it always leads to burnout. Even if you are the kind of person who just wants to “live” so to speak. This often how mid-life and quarter-life crisis happens.
  • When life gets frustrating or tough, having yourself anchored in your life and the big answers of life is what you can hold on to.
  • American culture and specifically marketing messages we see and hear often tell us to turn our brains off and just buy the next iPhone, or just shut up and buy the thing. If you ask the big questions you won’t just browse Facebook, or go to the Mall and spend hundreds of dollars. IE “Shut off your brain and buy my thing!”
  • Knowing your end destination can rescue you from the victories that are coming. Many people get what they always wanted and it was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Because they got there and realized it was the wrong destination. The higher and loftier your goal is the harder it will be if you get there and realize it’s not what you truly wanted all along.
  • Why thinking through the high-level questions is vital to the strategic process.
  • Answering the why can also save you from the reality of making it really close but not actually being able to reach your ultimate goal.
  • How you can’t fail at the deeper and higher-level purposes in your life and business.