Ep7 – How to pivot when your strategy hits a dead-end

Ep7 - How to pivot when your strategy hits a dead-end

In this episode, we look at the chess prodigy, Josh Waitzkin, and what his example teaches about being clear about your end destination. We also hit on the idea of “navel gazing” just deep long introspection and how sometimes that can be helpful and sometimes it’s just distracting. Finally, we discuss the role that instinct plays in finding your desired future.

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Show Notes

  • The story that the movie “Finding Bobby Fisher” is based on, Josh Waitskin was a chess champion. Then he became a champion in Akiado. The Art of Learning. How Josh built strategies into each tournament he entered.
  • Goals are like checkpoints along the way. Is goal a less helpful way of thinking about checkpoints on the way towards your end destination?
  • 4 Hour Work Week shows us how to think about what we really want, and think about why are we striving for that specific goal? Could we have that goal now rather than waiting until later?
  • The prerequisite for Goals is vision and knowing why you want that goal. What is the vision you are trying to achieve?
  • We don’t mean to get into some Philosophical naval-gazing here where all you do is spend your time thinking about large goals and waxing poetically about the purpose and life meaning.
  • Range – David Epstein. This book pushes back on the idea that if you haven’t started by the age of 4 on something that you’ll be useless.