Ep6 – Why “goal setting” isn’t helpful and how to waste less life

Ep6 - Why "goal setting" isn't helpful and how to waste less life

We’ll talk about how having a plan helps you waste less life and discuss one of the biggest pitfalls in building an effective strategy: NOT having a clearly defined end destination. We also talk about whether goal-setting frameworks are helpful or harmful.

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Show Notes

  • Reviewing the definition of strategy: the guiding principles to get you to a specific destination. (1;14)
  • Create guiding principles and use those to get you to your destination. A strategy is just a compass or GPS to get you to where you want to go.
  • The key is to know for sure that you are heading in the right direction from the start.
  • Tommy Newberry: “Having a plan helps you waste less life”
    • How much of my life do I want to waste heading in the wrong direction?
  • It is a waste of time to create a plan without first having a clear destination
  • One of the things that trips you up in building a clear strategy to reach your destination is not having a clear destination
  • The pitfalls of “goal setting” and why BHAGS, SMART goals, and FAST goals aren’t enough.
  • Why is goal setting can be helpful? and Also, why is goal setting isn’t helpful in many situations.
  • Why we should stop calling them goals, and start calling them checkpoints.
  • The main reason goal-setting frameworks like BHAGS, SMART, and FAST can be incredibly unhelpful
  • “Trying to brush your teeth with a chainsaw”: You’re using a tool to do something it was never designed to be used for!
  • Tyler’s illustration of losing weight and transforming his body over the course of a year and a half. There were several “transformations” within that time frame. “I am going to hit this future reality, but it’s an ongoing thing for my life.”
  • There are layers of strategy where you can zoom into and out of different views of strategy.