Ep3 – What strategy is and why some people avoid it

Ep3 - What strategy is and why some people avoid it

In this episode we start off by exploring an important question: What do we mean when we say strategy? We look at several common false ideas about strategy and a few things that often holds people back from being more strategic. We also address one of the most common critiques of thinking strategically: is it possible to be strategic and still be spontaneous?

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Episode Notes:

  • What do we mean by “strategy”? Is there a simple definition?
  • Misconceptions about strategy
  • Strategizing about how to get through college
  • Strategic thinking can help you break out of the box of doing things the way that everyone always done.
  • Consistent pattern of choices – e.g. A defensive strategy
  • NBA Strategy built around defense – 2004 Pistons
    • They chose that because their players were better suited to that
  • There are levels of reasoning behind the choices we make
  • Why some people have a negative view of strategy
  • Be strategic while still allowing flexibility and spontaneous
    • What often causes people to resist living more strategically: they feel trapped, they feel like it will be boring, won’t have variety. They feel like strategy is in tension with something they’re valuing, rather than working to incorporate the thing they’re valuing into their strategy.
    • Variety in your diet as a strategy
  • Planning isn’t a strategy. Planning is laying out the choices you’ll make in advance – one level below strategy and above the choices.
    • Planning is what’s behind the choices you make. It’s a level below your strategy.
  • Strategy is a way of making choices. Guiding principle.
    • A way of making choices, “This is how I’m going to make choices”