Ep2 – How can someone learn to think more strategically?

Ep2 - How can someone learn to think more strategically?

In this episode we talk about how someone goes about learning to think more strategically and how that might impact the way live, work, and make decisions. We’ll also cover our goals for this project and how we hope it helps the people who engage with it.

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  • See the principles behind common wisdom and knowledge.
  • There are books that lay out strategic principles, but there is no resource that holistically shows how all of the principles interact and layer on top of each other?
  • What are we trying to do with this book?
    • Think deeper – principles are true as long as you rise to the higher level thinking, open your eyes to what’s deeper, behind that same truth
    • Teach someone to think that way – we won’t cover everything in detail, we’ll miss some for sure. Learning to navigate gaps and unique strategic challenges.
  • This will end up as both a process or step-by-step guide AND a toolbox full of tools that you use in walking through that process.
  • What’s the vision of this project?
    • Empowering and equipping people have more influence over their lives.
    • Teaching someone to know how to go from point A to point B effectively.
    • This leads to hope, energy, drive, etc.
    • Equipping people to change and influence their lives more effectively.
  • Ways to use this process:
    • Empowerment in your life
    • Becoming more valuable to your company
  • How strategic thinking can improve your life (personally and professionally)
  • Self-determination, make choices about your life.
  • The “Getting Things Done” of strategic thinking and planning