Ep15 – The hidden factor that influences your strategic vision

Ep15 - The hidden factor that influences your strategic vision

In this episode we explore a hidden influence that impacts every person and organization. We’ll look at some practical examples, discuss what to watch out for, and show how it can end up having a major effect on our strategy.

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Episode Notes:

  • What is the source of your vision?
    • We often think our values should come from our personal values and passions.
    • EXAMPLE: eastern cultures vs western cultures.
      • Eastern: sacrifice for your family and community.
      • Western: it’s all about the individual, nothing should hold you back.
    • End destinations can be influenced by factors outside of yourself. From family, to society, etc. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can be OK.
    • It’s important to be aware of those influences and the inherent weaknesses that come from those different perspectives.
  • There is a healthy spectrum within the broader spectrum of looking inside yourself or outside of yourself (culture, family, society, community) for vision and end destination. You are giving up a certain amount of health by focusing only on yourself as an individual or only on your community/family.
  • There is a relational health that is impossible without a certain amount of self-sacrifice.
  • There is also added fulfillment in your life as an individual when you live for more than just yourself.
  • There can be some value in leaning a little bit more into the individualistic side of things because that can breed extra motivation, innovation, and help insulate you from a poor environment around you.
    • For example, a smaller team thriving in the midst of a “ho hum” organization.
  • Unhealthy example: The Third Wave.
  • More healthy example: The military.
  • Religious or spiritual values and influence can be another external source of input for your vision. This can also be positive or negative, but is something be aware of.
  • Specific examples of when this kind of awareness is important:
    • Parents pushing you toward college
    • Performance in sports or career
    • Coach or mentor challenging you to step up