Ep13 – Finding Your Desired Future: Method 3 and 4

Ep13 - Finding Your Desired Future: Method 3 and 4

In this episode we jump into the third and fourth method for finding your desired future which are all about finding resonance and learning from your history.

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Episode Notes:

  • Method 3 – The Resonance Method – look outside of yourself and ask what has resonated with me.
  • Consider true and fictional stories that resonate with you.
  • This can feel silly or cheesy, how do we get over that?
  • Things you liked as a kid often reveal who you were and what you liked before you learned to edit yourself. Your neivete says something helpful about you.
  • Focus on the things that most people don’t feel excited about vs things that many people resonate with (i.e., “being awesome”).
  • Asking other people what they see you resonating with.
  • How do you find the patterns in the data once you have generated it? What if they are difficult to spot?
  • How would you adapt this method to a team? Maybe consider competitors that your team often tries to emulate. What is it about them that makes you want to imitate them?
  • Customer service training that basically says, “Do what Chick-fil-A does.”
  • What would Google do? book
  • Are you seeing something in them that resonates with you? Or are you just being a fad-follower? How can you know when it’s one or the other?
  • Team/Organizations have personalities and collective values and collective resonance.
  • Method 4: look backward at history for patterns – Principle: sometimes you know and feel your way to your end destination intuitively.
  • Article about Crafting Strategy and letting it emerge rather than trying to build one.
  • Remember this is raw data that needs to be processed: e.g., if we value customer service, why do we have bad customer service?