Ep12 – How much energy to invest in finding your end destination

Ep12 - How much energy to invest in finding your end destination

In this episode we explore how much time and money you should invest in finding your end destination. We’ll touch on life coaches and consultants, strategic planning retreats, and pushing past the challenges when you get stuck in the process.

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Episode Notes:

  • Why doing multiple exercises or tests to discover your end destination is valuable.
  • The Paterson Center – StratOp – Learn more here
  • How important or valuable is it to do deep, long, costly strategic planning with a team or organization? What if you don’t feel like you have time? What about bringing a consultant in to help with the process? Is it worth it?
  • Trying to lead strategic planning in your own organization. Is that even possible?
  • The downside of bringing in an outside consultant for strategic planning
  • When SHOULD you bring in a consultant vs trying to handle something yourself?
  • Being consistent is often better (or just as good) as being massively talented (e.g. New England Patriots, “Do your job.”)
  • What kind of time investment should someone put into finding their end destination?
  • What about when you’re working on strategic planning and you get stuck?
  • trying to find your end destination while feeling burnt out or cynical about life.