Ep11 – Finding Your Desired Future: Method 2

Ep11 - Finding Your Desired Future: Method 2

In this episode we cover method 2 of finding your end destination as well as talking through why and how you might want to invite a third party into this process with you.

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Episode Notes:

  • Method two: The Snapshot Method
    • What is right?
    • What is wrong?
    • What is missing?
    • What is confused?
    • This is a great support method for other methods. It helps shed light when you need more perspective or data.
    • This method is more like panning for gold.
  • For several of these methods, you might want to walk this journey along with someone.
    • As an individual: Spouse, parent, mentor.
    • As a team or organization: you want that third-party perspective.
    • When that is valuable and worth spending time and/or money on.
    • You can even get feedback and perspective by posting on the internet (forums, Reddit, etc.)
    • Don’t assume people in your life that you respect or admire won’t help you, often they are looking to pay forward the help that they received when they were younger.