Ep10 – Finding Your Desired Future: Method 1 (Part 2)

Ep10 - Finding Your Desired Future: Method 1 (Part 2)

In this episode we wrap up our walkthrough of the first method for finding your end destination. Then we get into specific examples of how that method would work for individuals and organizations.

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Episode Notes:

  • Starting something that many other people are already doing.
  • You need to know how you’re going to do it differently.
  • Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul
  • Saying thing with your own voice, your own personality, or for your own generation.
  • Organizations can aim to have a different “personality” than other similar companies.
  • If you care about something, first check and see if there’s someone else out there already doing that thing and see if you can/should join them. But if you find you want to do it differently, then that helps you differentiate how YOU think it should be done.
  • Timing: people have life-spans, so do organizations!
  • Example: Atari, PanAm
  • We can often get caught up in the weekly grind that can sometimes displace what we’re really after.
  • Example of this project: strategic.li
  • Timelines often become meaningless, they are just chosen arbitrarily without any significant reason of why things should happen that quickly.
  • What about false or fake wins? Not the “true” end destination.
  • The most important thing isn’t a specific answer but a pattern that they form when you look at them all together. Looking for and revealing connections you didn’t see before.
  • Signal vs. Noise
  • It can help to show your answers to other people to get outside perspective.