7 Days to

Absolute Clarity

A guided, practical workbook to help you get clear and make progress in any area of your life, project, business, or initiative.

Five step-by-step methods to cut through the fog and get moving toward meaningful results.
Our Target

What you'll end up with

If you walk through each section of this workbook with care, you will end up (in seven days or less) with absolute clarity around exactly where you are and exactly where you need to go.

Get absolute clarity no matter where you are

We designed this tool to be helpful no matter where you are in the process: a seasoned veteran looking to sharpen their focus or an absolute beginner unsure of where to begin.

Use your history to guide you toward the right destination

It's been said that "You know more than you know you know." We'll guide you through looking backward to gain practical instruction about your tendencies and shed light on the best path forward.

Make sure your target is both energizing and actionable

We've included an entire section to help you find the sweet spot between being too specific and "zoomed in" and being so zoomed out that things get fuzzy and vague.

Avoid getting distracted by things that aren't exactly where you're headed

The good is the enemy of the best. We'll take time to prepare for potential "near misses" that could end up preventing you from achieving your most meaningful objectives.

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Endlessly Reusable

Use the workbook
again and again for dozens of areas and projects

This isn't a book meant to be enjoyed and then set on a shelf. Like a well-worn hammer or a classic family recipe, it's something you can reach for again and again. It's a tool we hope you'll reuse every time you need clarity.

Thorough & Methodical

Filled with 175 guiding questions and
5 different methods

We've included a wide variety of approaches and questions laid out in five methods to make sure you're successful. Questions build on one another, forming a path that is easy for anyone to follow. Each section ends with a "Check-In" to help connect the dots and fill in any gaps before moving forward.
Practical & Specific

Clear, practical, and
easy to act on

Books can often be inspiring but hard to take action on. We've included practical examples to guide you, warnings to help you avoid common pitfalls, and tips to ensure you get the most out of your effort. This workbook is meant to drive you to take action, not just gain new knowledge.

How it works

Pick an area and dive in!

7 Days to Absolute Clarity is specifically tailored to help you gain clarity around a specific area of your life or organization. The order of exercises, explanations, guidance, and questions have all been honed to work best for that scenario. Simply choose an area to focus in on and dive in!




Get clarity on what role you want family to play in your life and how you can maximize each day with them.


Find a new hobby or maximize the fulfillment and meaning you get out of those you already have.


Avoid getting caught up in the endless financial climb and make your money a tool that works for you rather than a distraction.

Physical Fitness

Chart your own path instead of simply accepting the expectations of the people and society around you.
And dozens of other possibilities...

Teams & Organizations



Discern the culture that fits best with you, your team, and your mission.


Trends, best practices, and accepted wisdom have a place, but it's even more important to develop your own identity and approach.

Core Products

Understand what is bringing success now so you can protect it, multiply it, and cultivate that same success in other areas.

Major Initiatives

Starting a significant initiative, fund-raising push, or engagement plan? Spend a little extra time up front to maximize success.
And dozens of other possibilities...

Who is Strategic.li?

We created Strategic.li after a co-worker made the comment, "I would love to learn to think more strategically." There were plenty of books and resources on strategy, but each of them was focused on a specific kind of strategy: business strategy, leadership strategy, life strategy, financial strategy, marketing strategy. We couldn't find a simple, practical resource that spoke about strategy holistically in terms that could apply to any area or domain. That's when we began outlining our own process for strategic thinking and planning which eventually grew into this project.

We see strategic thinking as a critical life skill that everyone needs in order to live a fulfilling life and our goal is to create content to help you develop that skill.

Tyler and Brandon Collins


7 Days to Absolute Clarity

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